1. Short title and application

Government of India's Decision under Rule 1

2. Definitions
Government of India's Decision under Rule 2
3. General Conditions
4. Limitation
5. Removal, Dismissal or Resignation from Service


Permanent Absorption of Members of the Service in or under a Corporation, Company or body
Government of India's Decision under Rule 5

Recovery from pension

G.O.I's decision below Rule 6 of AIS (DCRB) Rules. 1958
7. Compulsory Retirement as a Measure of Penalty
G.O.I's decision below Rule 7 of AIS (DCRB) Rules. 1958
8. Qualifying service


Addition to qualifying service on voluntary retirement
G.O.I’s decision below Rule 8 of AIS (DCRB) Rules. 1958
9. Counting of periods of leave as qualifying service.
10. Counting of period of deputation or leave outside India for purposes of qualifying service
11. Periods not qualifying as service for pension
12. Condonation of Interruption in service
13. Invalid gratuity or pension
14. Restrictions on the grant of invalid gratuity or pension
15. Retirement from service of a member of the service in certain cases and grant of leave
Government of India decision below Rule 15 of AIS (DCRB) Rules,1958
16. Superannuation gratuity or pension


Acceptance of date of birth
G.O.I.’s decision below Rule 16 of AIS (DCRB) Rules, 1958
17. Retiring Pension and gratuity
GOI’s decision below Rule 17 of AIS (DCRB) Rules, 1958

Amount of Gratuity or Pension

19. Death cum retirement gratuity
19-A. Interest on delayed payment of Gratuity or Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity
19-B. Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme for members of the services


Recovery and Adjustments of Government dues

G.O.I.’s Decision below Rule 19-B of AIS (DCRB) Rules, 1958

21. Nominations
G.O.I's decision below Rule 21 of AIS (DCRB) Rules, 1958
22. Family Pension
22-A. Continuation of family pension benefits
22-B. Application.-
22-C. Special Provision regarding family pension in certain cases.

G.O.I’s decision below Rule 22 of AIS (DCRB) Rules 1958